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Terms & Conditions:

  • Consumer (Not business): Refers to any individual placing an order for purposes unrelated to their business activities.
  • Professional/Company/Trader (Business): Denotes any natural or legal entity responsible for ordering products within the scope of their trade, business, craft, or profession.
  • Customer: Depending on the context, this can refer to a consumer or a professional.
  • Contract/Agreement: Encompasses any arrangement between ZA Bold Wear and a Customer concerning the purchase of one or more products, formalized through various means.
  • Order: Signifies any proposal related to the purchase of one or more products, submitted by the Customer to ZA Bold Wear, whether through the website “,” by telephone, or via email.
  • Supplier: Indicates an entity employing internet-based distance communication technology to establish distance contracts.

1. Object of the online contract

The term “Online Purchase Agreement” pertains to a legally binding contract executed remotely, involving the exchange of goods and/or services. This contract is established between a supplier, specifically ZA Bold Wear, headquartered in Estonia, and a Customer, within the framework of a remote sales system orchestrated by the vendor. This system leverages internet-based distance communication technology.

Contracts are directly formed when the Customer accesses the “ZA Bold Wear” website via the internet. After completing the necessary registration procedures, the Customer can initiate a purchase contract for goods. These Terms and Conditions shall remain in force until modified by ZA Bold Wear. Any alterations to the terms and conditions shall be effective upon publication on the website.

2. Sales prices

The selling prices of the goods showcased on the website do not include VAT, and taxes will be specified in the cart during the purchase process, contingent on the delivery address. The transportation cost, along with any applicable discounts, will be clearly outlined in the order summary page. It is the responsibility of the Customer to review this information before confirming their purchase.

Please note that prices may be subject to updates, and we encourage clients to ensure the accuracy of the final sale price by refreshing the cart prior to submitting the order form.

3. Conclusive general conditions of sale

The purchase contract is confirmed upon the accurate completion of the order form and the consent expressed through the “online” purchase process. Customers can make payments for the ordered goods exclusively through the designated payment method. The order form will be retained in our database for the necessary period required for order fulfillment and in compliance with legal requirements.

Customers can access the order form by visiting the “Your Account” section. By electronically transmitting the order form, the Customer unequivocally agrees to the terms and conditions outlined on this page. If there is disagreement with any of the terms, we kindly request that the order form not be submitted for product purchases.

Upon the conclusion of the contract, the supplier will dispatch a purchase order receipt via email, encompassing a summary of the information already contained in the order form. ZA Bold Wear will also furnish a copy of the purchase contract on its website, It is advisable to retain a copy of the contract, whether in printed or electronic format.

3.2 Right of ZA Bold Wear about sale for suppliers

The supplier reserves the right to decline orders that do not provide adequate solvency assurances or are found to be incomplete, incorrect, or in instances where the products are unavailable. In such cases, we will notify the Customer via email that the contract has not been finalized, specifying the reasons for this decision.

If the products featured on are no longer available for sale at the time of the last visit to the site or the submission of the order form, ZA Bold Wear will promptly communicate this unavailability. This notification will be sent within thirty (30) days from the day following the order transmission to the supplier. In the event that payment has been made, the supplier will reimburse the amount paid by the Customer.

3.3 Features and products information

We would like to inform our Customers that the products they purchase are intended exclusively for the country in which the order is placed. Therefore, if a Customer decides to export the product to a different country, they are responsible for complying with the regulations and restrictions applicable to export from the country of purchase and import into the destination country. ZA Bold Wear hereby absolves itself of any responsibility in this regard.

The essential characteristics of our products are presented on each respective product page. However, please be aware that the images and colors of products offered for sale on “” may not precisely match the actual products due to variations caused by internet browsers and monitor settings. Furthermore, ZA Bold Wear cannot guarantee an exact match between the viewed product and the one received. This is primarily due to the inherent characteristics of leather products, which, as organic materials, are naturally challenging to standardize in terms of colors and quality.

Regarding products on this website where “the average size of leather” is mentioned, there is a tolerance of 20%. Any complaints related to size falling within this tolerance range will not be considered.

3.4 Payments

Certainly, on ZA Bold Wear, we offer multiple payment options to accommodate our customers;

  • Credit cards
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer/Bank Wire

For payments related to the purchase of goods, shipping costs, and handling charges, you can select one of the methods indicated in the order form. When paying with a credit card, financial information (such as the credit/debit card number and its expiration date) will be securely transmitted via an encrypted protocol (SSL) to electronic payment service providers, ensuring that third parties do not have access to this information. Additionally, this data will be utilized by the supplier exclusively for completing the purchase procedures and processing refunds in the event of product returns, following the exercise of the right of withdrawal, or as necessary for preventing or reporting fraudulent activities to the police regarding

The total amount, including the purchase price of products, shipping costs, and delivery fees as specified in the order form, will be charged immediately when paying via PayPal or credit card following order confirmation. In the case of payment via bank transfer, the Customer is responsible for initiating the required payment procedures using the provided bank details. Please note that when choosing bank transfer as the payment method, ZA Bold Wear may require a longer order processing time due to the verification periods associated with this payment method, although this period will not exceed thirty (30) days as mandated by law.

In situations where payment is made through bank transfer, if the Customer fails to complete the payment or provide notice of a delay within 10 days of the purchase, the supplier reserves the right to cancel the order. Additionally, when paying with a credit card, the supplier may require an extended order processing time due to the longer verification periods associated with this payment method, particularly for certain credit cards like American Express.

3.6 Delivery periods and shipping

ZA Bold Wear cannot be held responsible for any delivery failure or delay in the following scenarios:

(a) Despite regularly and promptly placing orders to fulfill the received order, ZA Bold Wear has not received the necessary supply within the agreed-upon timeframes and methods from the supplier.

(b) ZA Bold Wear is unable to compensate for the lack of product availability due to circumstances beyond its control.

In any situation where product unavailability prevents delivery within 30 (thirty) days from the Customer’s order submission, ZA Bold Wear will issue a refund of any advance payment no later than 30 (thirty) days from the day following the order transmission.

If the purchaser fails to follow up or adhere to courier instructions for delivery, or if delivery is not possible due to the recipient’s absence at the specified shipping address provided during purchase, or in cases where the shipment is returned to the sender, ZA Bold Wear may retain the transportation costs incurred, along with management fees, additional charges, and duties. The remaining amount, after deducting the aforementioned costs, will remain available to the buyer. The buyer has the option to request a refund within 90 days or request a new shipment, with any price difference to be paid in advance.

All shipments carried out by ZA Bold Wear operate under the DAP (Delivered At Place) Incoterms standard. Consequently, they do not cover the payment of import customs duties, which remain the responsibility of the consumer.

ZA Bold Wear reserves the right, while maintaining a comparable level of service, to utilize an alternative shipping method or courier different from the one chosen by the customer during the purchase contract if the shipment is incompatible with courier-accepted dimensions or if additional costs (e.g., for remote areas) apply. Additionally, in cases where the chosen courier or shipping method is no longer available.

ZA Bold Wear retains the right to extend preparation times for internal requirements and will not be held liable for any order delays resulting from seasonal peaks, holidays, or closures, in comparison to the estimated delivery times indicated during checkout.

4. Obligations of the purchaser

Upon completing the purchase process, the Customer agrees and undertakes to:

Print and retain a copy of these “Terms and Conditions,” which they have already reviewed and accepted as a mandatory step in the purchase process.

Print and retain product-specific details.

It is strictly prohibited for the Customer to provide false, invented, or fictitious data during the registration process required to activate the contract execution and subsequent communications. Personal information and email addresses must exclusively belong to the Customer or be those of third parties with proper authorization. Creating duplicate registrations under a single individual’s identity or inputting third-party data is expressly forbidden.

The Customer bears the responsibility, during both registration and the “online” purchase procedure, to furnish accurate and up-to-date personal, shipping, and billing information to facilitate contract execution.

Once the purchase process is finalized, since there is no obligation to issue an invoice for non-business customers within the European community, ZA Bold Wear will proceed with the issuance of a fiscal receipt, unless the Customer explicitly requests an invoice at the time of the order.

ZA Bold Wear retains the right to pursue legal action against any violations or misuse, in the interest of and to protect consumers.

5. Right of withdrawal

  1. You must initiate a return request within 14 days from the date of receiving your order. Please send an email to to request a return and await confirmation.
  2. Product/Leather Condition: To facilitate the return process, the product or leather must remain unused, uncut, and undamaged. Items that do not meet these conditions cannot be replaced or refunded.
  3. Shipping Address and Deadline: The return shipment must be sent to the following address within 14 days from the date of initiating the return request: [Insert Address Here]

Please ensure you adhere to these guidelines for a smooth return process.

ZA Bold Wear.
Akadeemia tee 7/2-314
Tallinn, Estonia
Tel. +372 53783637

  • After we have inspected the returned package, you have the option to either have your items replaced or request a refund.
  • If you choose replacement, any overpayment will be refunded to you. However, any outstanding balance must be paid in advance before the new delivery can be arranged.
  • Please note that the customer is responsible for covering the shipping costs associated with both the return of the item and the shipment of the replacement product.
  • For returns originating from outside of Europe, if the courier requires a commercial invoice, please provide a new proforma invoice with a symbolic value of 1€ (or 1$). This will help avoid customs duties on the return. Do not include a copy of the original order or invoice. If you require assistance with this process, please contact us.

Right of Withdrawal (detailed conditions)

The Customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract without providing any reasons and without incurring any penalties. To exercise this right, the Customer must send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the company address within 14 days of receiving the goods. Please note that the right of withdrawal does not apply to custom-made or clearly personalized products, products that cannot be returned due to their nature, or products liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly.

If ZA Bold Wear has not confirmed the collection of the goods, the Customer is responsible for returning the items promptly and within 14 days from the date of communicating the decision to withdraw from the contract. The Customer must ensure that all purchased goods, including their original packaging, manuals, and any accessories, are returned in their original condition. The cost of returning the goods is the responsibility of the Customer as required by European legislation.

Upon receiving the return request, ZA Bold Wear will refund the full amount paid by the Customer within 14 days from the receipt of the returned goods. The Customer must provide their bank details for the reimbursement transfer (Cod. ABI, CAB, Current account, IBAN).

However, the right of withdrawal is subject to the following conditions:

  • The right applies to the entire purchased product; partial returns are not accepted.
  • Customized or tailored products cannot be returned.
  • The purchased goods must be returned intact and in their original packaging, complete with all parts (including packaging, documentation, and any ancillary equipment).
  • Shipping is the responsibility of the Customer until a certificate of receipt in our warehouse is issued.
  • In the event of damage during transport, ZA Bold Wear will inform the Customer within 10 working days of receiving the goods in their warehouse. The Customer should then file a complaint with the chosen courier to obtain compensation for the damaged item. In this case, the product will be made available to the Customer for return, and the withdrawal request will be canceled.
  • ZA Bold Wear is not liable for any damages, theft, or loss of goods returned by uninsured shipments.
  • Upon arrival at the warehouse, the product will be examined to assess any damages or tampering not related to transport. If the original packaging is damaged, ZA Bold Wear may deduct a percentage from the refund, not exceeding 10% of the product’s value, as a contribution to recovery costs.
  • For returns from outside of Europe where a commercial invoice is required by the courier, please provide a new invoice with a symbolic value of 1€ (or 1$) to avoid customs duties on return.

The right of withdrawal will expire if an essential condition of good health (and/or its contents) is not met, as determined by ZA Bold Wear.

8. Intellectual property rights

It is forbidden to reproduce, in whole or in part, in any form, “” content.

9. Trademarks and domain names

ZA Bold Wear is the exclusive owner of the logos and trademarks “” and “ZA Bold Wear.” Any unauthorized use of these trademarks to distinguish goods or services that are not related to or ZA Bold Wear is strictly prohibited and will have legal consequences. It is prohibited to use these trademarks in a manner that does not comply with the law, including using them to take unfair advantage of their distinctive character or reputation or to harm the interests of their owners.

10. Warning about the content

ZA Bold Wear does not assume responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the content published on its website. Additionally, ZA Bold Wear cannot guarantee uninterrupted and error-free operation of the website due to potential issues related to Internet connectivity. If you encounter any problems while using our website, please contact the Webmaster through the Customer Service section or at the following email address:

11. Data security and Data transfer

ZA Bold Wear employs advanced security protocols, including the SSL protocol, to ensure the protection of customer data during transmission. The personal information provided by users through various forms, email communications, or any other means is utilized by ZA Bold Wear and its staff for several purposes, including responding to information requests, conducting email inquiries, facilitating commercial and contractual relations, fulfilling legal obligations, providing commercial, scientific, and technical information, as well as conducting market research.

The data collected through the website’s designated section may be shared with other entities when necessary to fulfill requests or for quality assessment purposes. We collaborate with a partner for collecting reviews, and customer data may be shared with this partner exclusively for conducting quality surveys. The customer’s personal data will not be used for marketing purposes or sold to any third parties. By placing an order on “,” the customer acknowledges and agrees that their personal data may be shared with third parties solely for quality assessment purposes. Rest assured, customer data will not be sold to any entity.

12. Termination of the contract and cancellation clause

ZA Bold Wear reserves the right to terminate a contract by providing the Customer with a simple communication, along with appropriate and justified reasons. In such an event, the Customer will be entitled solely to the reimbursement of any sum already paid.

13. Jurisdiction and applicable law

By accessing this website, the visitor, customer, or user, and ZA Bold Wear mutually agree that any legal matters pertaining to the use of the website will be governed by the laws and regulations of the Republic of Estonia. While adhering to mandatory European consumer protection regulations, the General Terms and Conditions of Sale are subject to Estonian law, including the Consumer Protection Act of December 12, 2009, No. 70, which implements Directive 2000/31/EC concerning specific legal aspects of information society services within the internal market, particularly in regard to electronic commerce. In compliance with EU Regulation 434/2013, cross-border disputes may be resolved through alternative dispute resolution methods using the following online platform: