Leathers Women’s Lambskin Leather Trench Jacket Over Coat – Timeless Elegance

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This long lambskin trench coat offers exceptional warmth for colder weather while retaining the iconic trench silhouette for timeless style. Step into effortless confidence with a piece that seamlessly transitions from formal events to casual outings, adding a touch of refinement to any outfit. The buttoned front closure ensures practicality, while convenient pockets offer storage for your essentials. This jacket is as stylish as it is practical, becoming your go-to piece for any occasion.

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Product Details

  • Outer Shell: 100% soft lambskin leather.
  • Leather Type: Lambskin genuine leather
  • Inside Lining: 100% satin polyester
  • Closure Style: Front buttoned closure
  • Collar Style: Spread collar
  • Cuffs Style: Straight sleeves

Find Your Perfect Fit

Lambskin trench leather jackets for women come in various sizes, designed to fit your body comfortably. Refer to our sizing guide for the perfect fit.

Key Features:

  • Soft: High-quality genuine leather.
  • Long and light: A trendy trench coat, an extra layer that is chic to protect you from cold.
  • Special occasion must-have: Shine in timeless elegance with this statement outerwear, designed to turn heads at upscale gatherings.
  • Trendy detailing: Stitch detailing that makes it a flattery fit for any occasion.
  • Warmth and style combined: Stay cozy and chic at the same time with this essential outerwear piece, ideal for colder-weather celebrations and events.
  • Drape in vintage feel: Finish that has a very trendy appeal to it.
  • Naturally breathable: Lambskin is durable as its low-maintenance.
Do’s Dont’s
Soft dry clean only Bleach, Machine Wash Or Tumble
Follow our instructions for DIY cleaning. Dry Store Or Hang Folded
Store In A Breathable Cloth Bag Expose To Heat Sources & Moisture
Use Padded Or Wooden Hangers Store In Plastic & Vinyl Bags
Visit A Leather Specialist For Deep Cleaning Expose To Direct Sunlight For Prolonged Durations

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