Ride in Style: Explore Our Tough and Timeless Cow Leather Biker Jackets

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This iconic cow leather biker jacket is a ticket to individuality and freedom to be worn on countless rides. The cowhide leather smells raw, earthy, and musky, which evokes the feeling of open skies and the thrill of the open road. Our timeless and rugged cow leather jacket has no match for its durability, which makes it a lasting companion that enhances your personality. The brass buttons are belted at the collar for added coziness, while the zipped pockets at the front conveniently bring out the sleek yet classic rider jacket style.

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Product Details

  • Outer Shell: Made with 100% premium soft rugged leather.
  • Leather Type: Full grain premium cowhide
  • Inside Lining: Premium 100% stain polyester
  • Closure Style: Full hem zipper closure
  • Collar Style: Buckled stand collar
  • Cuffs Style: Zipped hem cuffs

Find Your Perfect Fit

Iconic Cowhide Rider Jackets come in various sizes, designed to fit your body comfortably. Refer to our sizing guide for the perfect fit.

Key Features:

  • Aesthetically pleasing: Stitched to perfection from aged cowhide leather that stands out in the crowd.
  • A timeless classic: A piece that doesn’t go out of style.
  • Made for ease: Exceptionally created for bikers who crave flexibility yet provides perfect fit.
  • Time-tested: Jacket that empowers you to explore and push boundaries without fear.
  • Style on the go: Transitioning from day to night? This will be your perfect fit.
  • Colors that compliment: Shades that spark confidence with style.
  • Minimal maintenance: Matched for everyone’s style yet built sturdy to stand unfavorable conditions.
Do’s Dont’s
Soft dry clean only Bleach, Machine Wash Or Tumble
Follow our instructions for DIY cleaning. Dry Store Or Hang Folded
Store In A Breathable Cloth Bag Expose To Heat Sources & Moisture
Use Padded Or Wooden Hangers Store In Plastic & Vinyl Bags
Visit A Leather Specialist For Deep Cleaning Expose To Direct Sunlight For Prolonged Durations

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